How we helped Janet sell her home by not being pushy

"They were on the ball with everything! They were dedicated, paid attention to all the details, and made sure everything was speedy. They were not pushy at all and I really felt that they were there to help me."

Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update Summer 2014

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Every year, Spring brings forth new transitions in all aspects of life. The real estate market is no exception. We currently find ourselves in a transition from a favorable sellers market to a buyers market.

For the last few months, we have been seeing a lot of buyers, but have had very low inventory. That's good for sellers because with limited options, there is more competition for their homes, which causes them to fetch higher prices. This low supply with high demand saw prices increase and we have seen some good appreciation in home values over the last few months.

Right now, inventory is stacking up. Last month, the number of listings rose by 17% from last year with active listings increasing by 40%. When evaluating the housing market, we look at it in hindsight, but when predicting the future of the market, taking these recaps into account often leads to an accurate prediction. I foresee that in the next 12-16 months we will see inventory steadily rise with the number of buyers reducing, turning this sellers market into a buyers market. If you are looking to sell now, act quickly and be competitive as possible on price so you can beat out the growing competition. One thing we have been seeing as Realtors is price reduction e-mails on homes which we haven't seen in the last 8 months. This is a great sign for those of you looking to buy in the near future.

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